How the President and his associates turned their backs on me and my family. 



For almost three years, Aaron Parnas was in the middle of the most polarizing presidency in recent memory. Through his experiences, Aaron saw a different side of President Donald Trump and his administration—one scarier than the average person could imagine.

Trump First tells a story of a young conservative, who often felt trapped in an orbit he believed was dangerous to America. In this memoir, Aaron discusses a number of meetings that he witnessed and took part in while simultaneously attending law school in the nation’s capital. Witnessing these meetings confirmed Aaron’s biggest fear. The President was using backchannel communications with various world leaders, including those in Ukraine and Venezuela, to push a Trump First foreign policy agenda instead of the America First agenda he ran on. This, as Aaron writes, created two State Departments—one that promoted official American policy, and a second, promoting the President’s shadow foreign policy agenda. This memoir also takes on a more personal challenge, escaping the President’s orbit following the arrest of Aaron’s father, Lev Parnas.

Trump First describes, in great detail, the excruciating days following his father’s arrest, which included an almost 48-hour stint with the President’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Aaron proceeds to tell the public a never before heard story about the months after the arrest while his father worked to get the truth out. 
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